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Die struck lapel pin with hard enamel (cloisonne) At about the time of the Yuan dynasty, cloisonn?was brought to Central Asia by missionaries. Through Central Asia, this art came to the Chinese. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the art was defined and developed until it became a fine form of uniquely Chinese art. The Jing-Tai period of the Ming Dynasty saw remarkable advances in Jing-Tai Blue(cloisonne) art. Many pieces of fine quality were produced at this time; most of them in a unique color, which gave rise to the name, "Jing-Tai Blue(cloisonne)" Jing-Tai Blue(cloisonne) displays the warmth of jade, the brilliance of jewels, and the elegance of fine china; this combination of traits has lead to its great desirability. This tradition of fine art has been combined with modern technology to create a truly beautiful, commemorative lapel pin. It is delightful to the eye, but it is more than an ornament. It is truly a treasure to be cherished. hard enamel(cloisonne) lapel pin Soft Enamel Lapel Pin The production of this pin is similar to that of the previous two in that its base is made of die-cast white or red copper alloy. In this case, the enamel is applied after the electroplating process and an epoxy coating is usually added to protect the pin. This pin can also employ the full range of colors provided in the Pantone Color Formula Guide. Products in this advertisement are for reference only.
This pin begins with a photosensitive sheet of brass. The design is photo-printed onto the brass sheet, and then put through an acid solution to leave the desired, relief image. After this, the enamel is applied, the pin is fired, sanded, pressed into final shape, welded to its backing, and electroplated. At the end of the process, a protective epoxy coating is added. All the colors from the Pantone Color Formula Guide are available.
Die struck process. Photo-etching(Acid-etching) process. Soft enamel. poly hard enamel(soft cloisonne). Custom designed is welcomed. Minimum order is negotiable. Delivery: Depends on the quantity. ***Products are in this AD are for reference only.

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Hsianteh Emblem Co. is a professional manufacturer and major exporter in Taiwan. Our products include custom designed lapel pins, enamel emblems, tie bars, security guard badges, auto emblems, medallions, key chains, golf divot tools, labels, embroidery patches, lanyards, soft PVC pins and many other promotional items.

Our company, established in1936, is one of the leading manufacturer in Taiwan. In the past years, we have gained an excellent reputation due to expert skills, satisfactory services and reasonable prices.

Because of the increasing demand of business, we have built our producing lines in China. Our main office is in Taiwan, which take orders and while products are mostly made in China. We also keep our manufacturing plants in Taiwan running. We believe this will maintain the excellent quality and offer the best price through our manufacturers both in Taiwan and China to provide our clients with many more options.


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